RADAR-ON-RAIA: Radars on the RAIA Observatory

The observation of the ocean dynamics is key source of information in many important application domains such as maritime safety, renewable energy production, aquaculture, fishing, tourism, port management, leisure activities, etc.

The main objective of RADAR-ON-RAIA is the development and reinforcement of the cross-border ocean observation infrastructure of the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula. The above will be achieved through the coordinated use of a variety of operational oceanography tools based on the data generated by the High Frequency (HF) radar innovative sensing technology.


The above overall objective will be achieved through:
• The extension and consolidation of a cross-border network of HF radars, which will be integrated with the already existing oceanic observation infrastructures.
• The improvement of the knowledge related to the oceanic dynamics in the cooperation area (Galicia and North of Portugal), and its application to the development of end-user oriented products.
• The transference of information, knowledge and products to the scientific community, related organizations and technology-based companies.

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