HPC4AI: High-Performance Computing for Artificial Intelligence

The interaction between High-Performance computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a new horizon: "High-Performance Artificial Intelligence" (HPAI) that is fueling the growth of platforms, applications and products empowered by AI. Although AI is not a new field of research, recent advances in HPC have given AI the necessary tools to become a game-changing technology. Enabled by supercomputing technologies, AI techniques, such as automatic learning, in particular, Deep Learning, are making AI algorithms practical for many new use cases, and drawing a significant amount of interest from the private sector.
The activities of the HPCIA network have been designed with the purpose of 1) promoting the dissemination of the knowledge and methodologies used throughout the Spanish community, 2) allowing close collaboration between the participating groups with the aim of optimizing and improving current applications, and 3) foster participation in HPCIA initiatives in Europe, ensuring the position of research groups on the international scene.