NANOEATERS: Transfer and valorization of nanotechnologies to innovative PYMEs (early adopters) in the Euroregion

NANOeaters is a network of Research Centers born with the aim of supporting the companies of the Euroregion in the application of nanotechnology solutions for the design of new products and services which can contribute to the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Galicia-Norte de Portugal Euroregion.
In the Nanoeaters project a total of 10 use cases based on the capacities of the Research Centers will be develop. In addition, the results of the uses cases will be used to launch a total of 22 experiments in companies of the Euroregion.

CiTIUS’ researchers participate in the Nanoeaters project in the development of an implantable chip for glaucoma monitoring. Glaucoma is a prevalent disease in Galicia, affecting between the 3 and 4% of the population. CiTIUS will work with the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in the development of the technology.


The goal of CiTIUS team in the project Nanoeaters is to design an implantable energy harvesting device in standard CMOS technology to provide the power supply of a system to measure the intraocular pressure. The measurement of intraocular pressure is fundamental for the early detection of glaucoma.