OPERE: Efficient Management of Energy Networks

The OPERE Project involves the improvement of the energy management systems of high energy consumption existing buildings, in order to reduce the energy consumption, the efficiency and the environmental impact of the building facilities.

In order to do so, a real scale pilot taking into account a set of existing buildings of the Campus of Life of the University of Santiago de Compostela will be developed. The pilot will allow the testing and validation of the different solutions originated in the project.

The OPERE pilot will be developed over the Monte de la Condesa building complex, that comprises the Faculty of Optics, the Faculty of Physics, the Monte da Condesa Residential College, the Orthopedics Institute and the Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank. Moreover, the project’s field of action comprises three cogeneration plants which supplies heat and electricity to the whole Campus.

During the development of the project a study of the electric and heat networks of the building complex will be conducted with the purpose of designing solutions based on the infrastructures, available technologies, building uses and user behaviors by means of intelligent control and monitoring systems.


The main objective of the OPERE project is the analysis and the optimization of the electric and heat networks of high consumption existing buildings. OPERE has the following specific subobjectives:

  • Auditing generation and management building facilities and its use with respect to the building usage.
  • Implementing a management and monitoring architecture of the energetic consumption that could be replicated in other facilities.
  • Developing simulation solutions of energetic consumption and environmental impact.
  • Developing strategies to improve energetic building facilities.

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