Congress 1066
  • Shahed Bassam Almobydeen, José R.R. Viqueira, Manuel Lama Penín
  • XXI Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos, V Congreso Español de Informática. Salamanca, España. 2016

A Federated Approach for Array and Entity Environmental Linked Data

This paper discusses the main challenges that arise during the design and implementation of a federated solution for entity and array based environmental linked data. The proposed solution enables the integrated querying of geospatial relational databases, large scientific arrays of spatio-temporal dimensions and linked data sources with GeoSPARQL. To achieve this, a query decomposition algorithm and two new operators have to be incorporated in an already existing SPARQL query engine.
Keywords: Linked data, Geospatial and environmental data, SPARQL Query processing
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