Manuel Lama Penín

I hold the position of Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. I have collaborated on 51 R&D projects and contracts, wherein I assumed the role of principal investigator in 29 of them. As a result of this research, I have authored over 150 scientific papers, with 52 of them being published in national and international journals and books. These works explore machine learning and knowledge modelling techniques in diverse areas such as process mining, predictive monitoring, business process management, semantic modelling, and service computing to address problems in healthcare, industry, or e-learning.

I am also co-founder of InVerbis Analytics (, a spin-off arising from the IGNICIA Proof of Concept program funded by Xunta de Galicia with the aim of commercializing the research results in process mining. This initiative has been granted with the Transfer Technology award from the Galician Royal Academy of Sciences.