Article 250
  • Pablo Rodriguez-Mier, Carlos Pedrinaci, Manuel Lama, Manuel Mucientes
  • IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2016 - Q1

An Integrated Semantic Web Service Discovery and Composition Framework

In this paper we present a theoretical analysis of graph-based service composition in terms of its dependency with service discovery. Driven by this analysis we define a composition framework by means of integration with fine-grained I/O service discovery that enables the generation of a graph-based composition which contains the set of services that are semantically relevant for an input-output request. The proposed framework also includes an optimal composition search algorithm to extract the best composition from the graph minimising the length and the number of services, and different graph optimisations to improve the scalability of the system. A practical implementation used for the empirical analysis is also provided. This analysis proves the scalability and flexibility of our proposal and provides insights on how integrated composition systems can be designed in order to achieve good performance in real scenarios for the Web.
Keywords: Semantic Web Services, Service Discovery, Service Composition Framework, Service Composition Performance
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