Common Security Criteria for Vehicular Clouds and Internet of Vehicles Evaluation and Selection

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important to intelligent transportation system stakeholders, including cloud-based vehicular cloud (VC) and internet of vehicles (IoV) paradigms. This new trend involves communication and data exchange between several objects within different layers of control. Security in such a deployment is pivotal to realize the general IoT-based smart city. However, the evaluation of the degree of security regarding these paradigms remains a challenge. This study aims to discover and identify common security criteria (CSC) from a context-based analysis pattern and later to discuss, compare, and aggregate a conceptual model of CSC impartially. A privacy granularity classification that maintains data confidentiality is proposed alongside the security selection criteria.

keywords: Internet of Things, Vehicular Cloud, Internet of Vehicles, Security Criteria, Evaluation and Selection.