Congress 1165
  • Rabelo T., Lama M., Vidal J., Amorim R.
  • Frontiers in Education 2017. Indianapolis, USA. 2017

Comparative study of xAPI validation tools

© 2017 IEEE. Learning Analytics (LA) is currently the most effective way of achieving better information and in-depth insights of the learning processes. Specifications like Experience API (xAPI) have been defined as part of LA initiatives to add interoperability among LA-aware applications. Tools that validate the conformance of data to these specifications are key components to assure the interoperability among applications. In this paper, a comparative evaluation of relevant validation tools of the xAPI specification is presented. This comparison focus specially on the structural and semantic features of the xAPI specification, revealing that most of the currently available tools do not support the semantic constraints of the specification.
Keywords: Big data architecture, Experience API, Learning analytics
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