Congress 1021
  • A. Nieto-Rodríguez, M. Mucientes, V.M. Brea
  • International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras 2015. Sevilla, España. 2015

Demo: Mask and Maskless Face Classification System to Detect Breach Protocols in the Operating Room

This live demo allows ICDSC participants to interact with a system to classify faces into two categories: faces with and without surgical masks. The system assigns a per-person ID through tracking in order to trigger only one alarm for a maskless face across several frames in a video. The tracking system also decreases the false positive rate. The system reaches 5 fps with several faces in VGA images on a conven- tional laptop. The output of our system provides confidence measures for the mask and maskless face detections, image samples of the faces, and for how many frames faces have been detected or tracked. This information is very useful for offline tests of the system. Our demo is the result of a project in cooperation with an IT company to identify breach protocols in the operating room.
Keywords: Face detection, mask detection, tracking
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