Design of CGAN Models for Multispectral Reconstruction in Remote Sensing

Multispectral imaging methods typically require cameras with dedicated sensors that make them expensive. In some cases, these sensors are not available or existing images are RGB, so the advantages of multispectral processing cannot be exploited. To solve this drawback, several techniques have been proposed to reconstruct the spectral reflectance of a scene from a single RGB image captured by a camera. Deep learning methods can already solve this problem with good spectral accuracy. Recently, a new type of deep learning network, the Conditional Generative Adversarial Network (CGAN), has been proposed. It is a deep learning architecture that simultaneously trains two networks (generator and discriminator) with the additional feature that both networks are conditioned on some sort of auxiliary information. This paper focuses the use of CGANs to achieve the reconstruction of multispectral images from RGB images. Different regression network models (convolutional neuronal networks, U-Net, and ResNet) have been adapted and integrated as generators in the CGAN, and compared in performance for multispectral reconstruction. Experiments with the BigEarthNet database show that CGAN with ResNet as a generator provides better results than other deep learning networks with a root mean square error of 316 measured over a range from 0 to 16,384.

keywords: spectral reconstruction, Multispectral image, Deep Learning, CGAN