Article 309
  • Borja Vázquez-Barreiros, Manuel Mucientes, Manuel Lama
  • Information Sciences, 2016 - Q1

Enhancing Discovered Processes with Duplicate Tasks

Including duplicate tasks in the mining process is a challenge that hinders the process discovery, as it is also necessary to find out which events of the log belong to which transitions. To face this problem, we propose SLAD (Splitting Labels After Discovery), an algorithm that uses the local information of the log to enhance an already mined model, by performing a local search over the tasks that have more probability to be duplicated in the log. This proposal has been validated with 54 different mined models from three process discovery algorithms, improving the final solution in 45 of the cases. Furthermore, SLAD has been tested in a real scenario.
Keywords: Duplicate tasks, Process discovery, Petri nets.
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