Environmental Linked Data: Challenges

Geospatial and Environmental data are increasingly growing, and the need for using it in some domains like tourism, agriculture, and many other domains is also growing, to make this data easily reachable on the web it should follow the Linked Data paradigm. Linked Data is used to link data with each other on the web, and so it is used to interlink Geospatial and environmental data with other data on the web. This interlinking faced many challenges according to geospatial and environmental data heterogeneity, semantics, conceptualization, and linked data specifications (RDF and SPARQL query language). A lot of projects transform geospatial and environmental data to RDF in order to Interlink it with other data on the web(warehousing architecture). in this paper we will address some challenges against this transformation and propose a new approach for interlinking geospatial and environmental data (federated architecture).

keywords: Linked Data, Geospatial and Environmental Data, Ontology, RDF, SPARQL, GeoSPARQL