ExpliClas: Automatic Generation of Explanations in Natural Language for Weka Classifiers

ExpliClas is a web service aimed at providing users with multimodal (textual + graphical) explanations related to Weka classifiers. In ExpliClas, two types of explanations are automatically generated. On the one hand, global explanations pay attention to the behavior of the classifier as a whole, i.e., they refer to a list of structural properties (number of classes, features, etc.) along with quality indicators such as accuracy or confusion matrix. On the other hand, local explanations go in depth with how the classifier deals with single instances. Current version of ExpliClas already explains classifications made by three different decision tree Weka implementations (J48, RepTree, and RandomTree) and one fuzzy algorithm (FURIA). In this paper, we describe ExpliClas in detail and illustrate its use with the Bank telemarketing dataset.

keywords: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Natural Lan- guage Generation, Decision Trees, Fuzzy Unordered Rule Induc- tion Algorithm, Open Source Software, Weka