Article 151
  • Julián Lamas-Rodríguez, Dora B. Heras, Francisco Argüello, Dagmar Kainmueller, Stefan Zachow, Montserrat Bóo
  • Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, 2016 - Q2

GPU-accelerated Level-Set Segmentation

The level-set method, a technique for the computation of evolving interfaces, is a solution commonly used to segment images and volumes in medical applications. GPUs have become a commodity hardware with hundreds of cores that can execute thousands of threads in parallel, and they are nowadays ideal platforms to execute computational intensive tasks, such as the 3D~level-set--based segmentation, in real time. In this paper we propose two GPU implementations of the level-set--based segmentation method called Fast Two-Cycle. Our proposals perform computations in independent domains called tiles and modify the structure of the original algorithm to better exploit the features of the GPU. The implementations were tested with real images of brain vessels and a synthetic MRI image of the brain. Results show that they execute faster than a CPU-sequential implementation of the same method, without any significant loss of the segmentation quality and without requiring distributed parallel computer infrastructures.
Keywords: level-set, segmentation, GPU, CUDA, GPGPU
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