Article 374
  • Daniel García‐Lesta, Paula López, Víctor Manuel Brea, Diego Cabello
  • International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2018 - Q1
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In‐pixel analog memories for a pixel‐based background subtraction algorithm on CMOS vision sensors

This paper addresses the most suitable in‐pixel analog memory bank for running a hardware‐oriented approach of the well‐known Pixel‐Based Adaptive Segmenter algorithm on CMOS vision sensors. The high number of memory accesses, typically up to 200 times, along with the long time elapsed before an analog memory in a pixel is updated, around 5 seconds at 30 fps, constrains the memory topology. This work assesses the impact of nominal and process nonidealities of the 3 main analog memory topologies, namely, open‐loop, closed‐loop, and integrator architectures for background subtraction over the CDNET14 database. This is the first step towards the implementation of a CMOS vision chip with per‐pixel processing to run the Pixel‐Based Adaptive Segmenter.
Keywords: analog memories, background subtraction, CMOS vision sensors, focal plane processing, PBAS
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