María José Carreira Nouche

Short-term anti-plaque effect of a cymenol mouthwash analysed using the DenTiUS Deep Plaque software: a randomised clinical trial
Few-Shot Image Classification for Automatic COVID-19 Diagnosis
An ensemble-based phenotype classifier to diagnose Crohn’s disease from 16s rRNA gene sequences
A systematic overview of dental methods for age assessment in living individuals: from traditional to artificial intelligence-based approaches
Impact of 16S rRNA Gene Redundancy and Primer Pair Selection on the Quantification and Classification of Oral Microbiota in Next-Generation Sequencing
In silico evaluation and selection of the best 16S rRNA gene primers for use in next-generation sequencing to detect oral bacteria and archaea
A few‑shot approach for COVID‑19 screening in standard and portable chest X‑ray images
XAS: Automatic yet eXplainable Age and Sex determination by combining imprecise per-tooth predictions
IDALib: a Python library for efficient image data augmentation
In-Silico Detection of Oral Prokaryotic Species With Highly Similar 16S rRNA Sequence Segments Using Different Primer Pairs
PrimerEvalPy: a tool for in-silico evaluation of primers for targeting the microbiome
In-silico Selection of the Best 16S rRNA Gene Primers for Detecting Oral Bacteria and Archaea
Redundancy of 16S rRNA Genes in Genomes from Oral Bacteria and Archaea
Predictive Potential of Anatomical Tooth Relationships for Determining Chronological Age Using a Semi-automated Approach
Automated description of the mandible shape by deep learning
ZFTool: A Software for Automatic Quantification of Cancer Cell Mass Evolution in Zebrafish
DenTiUS Plaque, a Web-Based Application for the Quantification of Bacterial Plaque: Development and Usability Study
Towards deep learning reliable gender estimation from dental panoramic radiographs
Deep Neural Networks for Chronological Age Estimation from OPG images
Fully automatic teeth segmentation in adult OPG images
High validity of dental plaque indices by imaging analysis
DenTiUS Plaque: a web-based tool for quantifying dental plaque levels
Improving zebrafish embryo xenotransplantation conditions by increasing incubation temperature and establishing a proliferation index with ZFTool
In situ substrate-formed biofilms using IDODS mimic supragingival tooth-formed biofilms
Retinal vessel tree segmentation using a deformable contour model
Comparison of pixel and subpixel retinal vessel tree segmentation using a deformable contour model
Similarity metrics analysis for feature point based retinal authentication
Plagiarism detection using software tools: a study in a Computer Science degree
A neural network based framework for directional primitive extraction