Scene Wireframes Sketching for Drones

The increasing use of autonomous UAVs inside buildings and around human-made structures demands new accurate and comprehensive representation of their operation environments. Most of the 3D scene abstraction methods use invariant feature point matching, nevertheless some sparse 3D point clouds do not concisely represent the structure of the environment. Likewise, line clouds constructed by short and redundant segments with inaccurate directions limit the understanding of scenes as those that include environments with poor texture, or whose texture resembles a repetitive pattern. The presented approach is based on observation and representation models using the straight line segments, whose resemble the limits of an urban indoor or outdoor environment. The goal of the work is to get a full method based on the matching of lines that provides a complementary approach to state-of-the-art methods when facing 3D scene representation of poor texture environments for future autonomous UAV.

keywords: 3D abstraction, reconstruction, line-based sketching, UAV