Congress 775
  • Juan C. Vidal, Manuel Lama, Alberto Bugarín
  • International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications. Santander, Spain. 2011

Simplified Workflow Representation of IMS Learning Design

A way of describing the teaching, learning interactions and activities is through Educational Modeling Languages. These languages are formalized so an interpreter can automatically coordinate the activities. However, like for example IMS LD, these languages are usually difficult to understand causing that instructors do not always understand the way the designed unit of learning is coordinated. In this paper we present a graphical notation that simplifies the authoring process of new and preexisting units of learning specified in IMS Learning Design. The graphical notation extends the YAWL language and approach the design of units of learning through a set of patterns distributed in three hierarchical layer.
Keywords: Adaptive Learning, Visual Language, Learning Design, Workflows, Petri nets
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