Congress 936
  • Ismael Rodríguez-Fdez, Adrián Canosa, Manuel Mucientes and Alberto Bugarín
  • 2015 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems. Estambul, Turquía. 2015

STAC: a web platform for the comparison of algorithms using statistical tests

One of the most suited techniques for comparing results obtained from computational intelligence algorithms is the statistical hypothesis testing. This method can be used to contrast if the difference between the algorithm with the best results and other algorithms is actually significant. In this paper, we present STAC (Statistical Tests for Algorithms Comparison), a new platform for statistical analysis to verify the results obtained from computational intelligence algorithms. STAC consists of three different layers for performing statistical tests: a Python library, a set of web services and a web client. We show several use cases, in which both non-expert and expert users interact with the web client and use the web services in different programming languages.
Keywords: Statistical analysis, soft computing sofware
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