Stacked autoencoders for multiclass change detection in hyperspectral images

Change detection (CD) in multitemporal datasets is a key task in remote sensing. In this paper, a scheme to perform multiclass CD for remote sensing hyperspectral datasets extracting features by means of Stacked Autoencoders (SAEs) is introduced. The scheme combines multiclass and binary CD to obtain an accurate multiclass change map. The multiclass CD begins with the fusion of the multitemporal data followed by Feature Extraction (FE) by SAEs. The binary CD is based on the spectral information by calculating pixel-wise distances and thresholding, and it also incorporates spatial information through watershed segmentation. The processed image is filtered by using the binary CD map and later classified by a Support Vector Machine or an Extreme Learning Machine algorithm. The scheme was evaluated over a multitemporal hyperspectral dataset obtained from the Hyperion sensor. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme using a SAE for extracting the relevant features of the fused information when compared to other published FE methods.

keywords: Hyperspectral, Change Detection, Feature Extraction, Stacked Autoencoder, Support Vector Machine, Extreme Learning Machine.