Congress 1217
  • Alejandro Catala, Jose M. Alonso and Alberto Bugarin
  • The 11th International Conference on Natural Language Generation. Tilburg, Holanda. 2018

Supporting Content Design with an Eye Tracker: The Case of Weather-based Recommendations

Content design in context-aware services and applications is a matter of careful design. As an intermediate step in our work to produce an algorithm capable of generating automatically recommendations that are acceptable and readable, we have conducted a preliminary pilot study involving an eye tracker as part of our methodology to capture more valuable data in early design stages. The focus of our study is on weather-based recommendations which are likely to be useful in context-aware services and applications that give timely information and support users decision making. The results offer key observations on the relevant items that must be exploited in future designs.
Keywords: content design, weather-based recommendations, eye tracker, user validation, content generation
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