Congress 1236
  • J. Illade-Quinteiro, P. López, V.M. Brea, D. Cabello
  • 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems. Sapporo, Japón. 2019
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Time-of-Flight Pixel with Homodyne Phase Demodulation in Standard CMOS Technology

This paper presents an indirect Time-of-Flight sen- sor for standard CMOS technologies with an alternative demodu- lation scheme based on homodyne techniques. This avoids control signals shorter than the period of the emitted light signal, which prevents synchronization issues and minimizes switching effects like charge injection and clock feedthrough. The feasibility of the pixel and the demodulation scheme is demonstrated through simulations.
Keywords: Time-of-Flight Pixel, standard CMOS Technology, Homodyne Phase Demodulation
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