Using accurate AIC-based performance models to improve the scheduling of parallel applications

Predictions based on analytical performance models can be used on efficient scheduling policies in order to select adequate resources for an optimal execution in terms of throughput and response time. However, developing accurate analytical models of parallel applications is a hard issue. The TIA (Tools for Instrumenting and Analysis) modeling framework provides an easy to use modeling method for obtaining analytical models of MPI applications. This method is based on modeling selection techniques and, in particular, on Akaike’s information criterion (AIC). In this paper, first the AIC-based performance model of the HPL benchmark is obtained using the TIA modeling framework. Then the use of this model for assessing the runtime estimation on different backfilling policies is analyzed in the GridSim simulator. The behavior of these simulations is compared with the equivalent simulations based on the theoretical model of the HPL provided by its developers.

keywords: Performance, Analytical models, Model selection, Backfilling schedulers