Congress 1111
  • A. Ramos-Soto, J. Janeiro, J.M. Alonso, A. Bugarin, D. Berea-Cabaleiro
  • 10th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology. Warsaw, Poland. 2017

Using fuzzy sets in a data-to-text system for business service intelligence

We describe the use of fuzzy sets within MonitorSI-Text. It is a real and operative data-to-text system that generates textual information about the operational state of Information Technology services, monitored by the commercial software platform Obsidian. Until now, Obsidian provided several dashboards that allowed to monitor in real time the state of the service infrastructure of the clients. MonitorSI-Text extends the capabilities of Obsidian with the automatic generation of textual reports, live descriptions and notifications that complement the visualization dashboards with enhanced textual information. Moreover, our system performs an analysis of time series data based on a fuzzy filtering approach as part of its content determination process. MonitorSI-Text has been tested, commercialized and deployed as part of the Obsidian Business Service Intelligence platform, which is currently in use by several customer companies, such as Camper and PwC.
Keywords: data-to-text, fuzzy sets, time series data, business service intelligence, real application
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