Xosé Manuel Pardo López

Towards a Self-sufficient Face Verification System
Build 3D Abstractions with Wireframes
An Adaptive Video-to-Video Face Identification System Based on Self-Training
SID4VAM: A Benchmark Dataset with Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
Robust and fast scene recognition in robotics through the automatic identification of meaningful images
Generating Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
Incremental Learning Techniques within a Self-updating Approach for Face Verification in Video-Surveillance
Dataset Bias Exposed in Face Verification
Scene wireframes sketching for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Psychophysical evaluation of individual low-level feature influences on visual attention.
Automatic selection of user samples for a non-collaborative face verification system
Scene wireframes sketching for UAVs
Foreword to the special issue on pattern recognition and image analysis
What do datasets say about saliency models?
Dynamic Whitening Saliency
Unsupervised Method to Remove Noisy and Redundant Images in Scene Recognition
Two-view line matching algorithm based on context and appearance in low textured images
Videogrammetry System for Wind Turbine Vibration Monitoring
Scene Recognition Invariant to Symetrical Reflections and Illumintation Conditions in Robotics
Adaptative Line Matching for Low-Textured Images
Canonical Views for Scene Recognition in Mobile Robotics
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Pyramid Representations of the set of actions in reinforcement learning
Scene Recognition for Robot localization in Difficult Environments
Route learning and reproduction in a tour-guide robot
A New Radial Symmetry Measure Applied to Photogrammetry
Dynamic Saliency from Adaptative Whitening
Route Learning and Reproduction in a Tour-Guide Robot
Self-organized Multi-Camera Network for Ubiquitous Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments.
Fast Implementation of a New Radial Symmetry Measure for Photogrammetry
Detection and Matching of Lines for Close-Range Photogrammetry
Self-Organized Multi-Camera Network for a Fast and Easy Deployment of Ubiquitous Robots in Unknown Environments
Gesture based interface with voice feedback for a guide robot
Analysis of different localization systems suitable for a fast and easy deployment of robots in diverse environments
Feature Analysis for Human Recognition and Discrimination: Application to a Person Following Behaviour in a Mobile Robot
On the relationship between optical variability, visual saliency and eye fixations: a computational approach
Saliency from hierarchical adaptation through decorrelation and variance normalization