Computer Vision

Redes convolucionales basadas en escalado uniforme de dimensiones para la clasificación de imágenes multiespectrales
Powerline Detection and Characterization in General-Purpose Airborne LiDAR Surveys
Design of segmentation algorithms to recognize interested cells in microscopy biological images
OralImmunoAnalyser: a software tool to immunohistochemical assessment of oral leukoplakia using image segmentation and classification models
Software BreastAnalyser for the semi-automatic analysis of breast cancer immunohistochemical images
Simultaneous Multifrequency Demodulation for Single-Shot Multiple-Path ToF Imaging
Crawford, Kate (2023). Atlas de IA. Poder, política y costes planetarios de la inteligencia artificial Barcelona: Ned Ediciones
Downsampling GAN for Small Object Data Augmentation
Promoting equality in higher education computer programming courses through cooperative learning
A Summer School Session on Mastering Geospatial Artificial Intelligence: From Data Production to Artificial Intelligence Foundation Model Development and Downstream Applications
MSCF: Multi-Scale Canny Filter to Recognize Cells in Microscopic Images
Kalman Filter-Driven Blind Source Localization for Passive 3D ToF Imaging
Short-term anti-plaque effect of a cymenol mouthwash analysed using the DenTiUS Deep Plaque software: a randomised clinical trial
CT-based radiomics to predict KRAS mutation in CRC patients using a machine learning algorithm: a retrospective study
Visual Multi-Object Tracking through Deep Learning
A Confusion Matrix for Evaluating Feature Attribution Methods
Prospective comparison of SURF and binary keypoint descriptors for fast hyperspectral remote sensing registration
S2 -LOR: Supervised Stream Learning for Object Recognition
Few-Shot Image Classification for Automatic COVID-19 Diagnosis
Relation networks for few-shot video object detection
Depth Estimation and Image Restoration by Deep Learning from Defocused Images
Aprendizaxe de materias de programación e intelixencia artificial con perspectiva de xénero
Consensus Techniques for Unsupervised Binary Change Detection Using Multi-Scale Segmentation Detectors for Land Cover Vegetation Images
ResBaGAN: a Residual Balancing GAN with data augmentation for forest maping
A systematic overview of dental methods for age assessment in living individuals: from traditional to artificial intelligence-based approaches
Validation Analysis of Panoramic Dental Application (PDApp) Software as a Tool for Predicting Third Molar Eruption Based on Panoramic Radiograph Images
A few‑shot approach for COVID‑19 screening in standard and portable chest X‑ray images
Pseudo-Passive Time-of-Flight Imaging: Simultaneous Illumination, Communication, and 3D Sensing
Fast Time-Domain Super-Resolution for Single-Shot Multi-Path ToF Imaging
2HDED:NET for joint depth estimation and image deblurring from a single out-of-focus image
Providing female role models in STEM higher education careers, a teaching experience
XAS: Automatic yet eXplainable Age and Sex determination by combining imprecise per-tooth predictions
IDALib: a Python library for efficient image data augmentation
A full data augmentation pipeline for small object detection based on generative adversarial networks
Fast Multi-Object Tracking with Feature Pyramid and Region Proposal Networks
Low-cost mobile mapping system solution for traffic sign segmentation using Azure Kinect
Incremental Learning from Low-labelled Stream Data in Open-Set Video Face Recognition
Perspectiva de género en Inteligencia Artificial, una necesidad
Automatic marbling prediction of sliced dry-cured ham using image segmentation, texture analysis and regression
Design of a 5-bit SRAM-based In-Memory Computing Cell for Deep Learning Models
A 2-Tap Macro-Pixel-Based Indirect ToF CMOS Image Sensor for Multi-Frequency Demodulation
Spatiotemporal tubelet feature aggregation and object linking for small object detection in videos
High-Performance and Disruptive Computing in Remote Sensing: HDCRS-A New Working Group of the GRSS Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee
Deep learning for chronological age and sex prediction from dental panoramic radiographs
Design of CGAN Models for Multispectral Reconstruction in Remote Sensing
Tracking More Than 100 Arbitrary Objects at 25 FPS Through Deep Learning
Incremental Learning through Unsupervised Adaptation in Video Face Recognition
Proposal of a Single-Shot Multi-Frame Multi-Frequency CMOS ToF Sensor
Spatio-Temporal Object Detection from UAV On-Board Cameras
Predictive Potential of Anatomical Tooth Relationships for Determining Chronological Age Using a Semi-automated Approach
Automated description of the mandible shape by deep learning
ZFTool: A Software for Automatic Quantification of Cancer Cell Mass Evolution in Zebrafish
Towards a Self-sufficient Face Verification System
Build 3D Abstractions with Wireframes
Unha experiencia da introducción da perspectiva de xénero en materias de Intelixencia Artificial
Low Power CMOS vision sensor for foreground segmentation
Perspectiva de género en Inteligencia Artificial
SiamMT: Real-Time Arbitrary Multi-Object Tracking
Correlation-based ConvNet for Small Object Detection in Videos
An Adaptive Video-to-Video Face Identification System Based on Self-Training
CystAnalyser: A new software tool for the automatic detection and quantification of cysts in Polycystic Kidney and Liver Disease, and other cystic disorders
Gender perspective in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
GPU-Accelerated Registration of Hyperspectral Images Using KAZE Features
RoI Feature Propagation for Video Object Detection
Towards deep learning reliable gender estimation from dental panoramic radiographs
Texture Extraction Techniques for the Classification of Vegetation Species in Hyperspectral Imagery: Bag of Words Approach Based on Superpixels
Superpixel Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images using Waterpixels in Commodity Hardware
Deep Neural Networks for Chronological Age Estimation from OPG images
CMOS Vision Sensor for Background Subtraction
On-Chip Solar Energy Harvester and PMU with Cold Start-Up and Regulated Output Voltage for Biomedical Applications
In situ Evolution Pattern of Dental Plaque Through Plaque Indices by Imaging Analysis
Robust and fast scene recognition in robotics through the automatic identification of meaningful images
Generating Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
SURF-based registration for hyperspectral images
Incremental Learning Techniques within a Self-updating Approach for Face Verification in Video-Surveillance
Dataset Bias Exposed in Face Verification
Exploring the Registration of Remote Sensing Images using HSI-KAZE in Graphical Units
From line matching to 3D abstraction
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, texture analysis and regression techniques to non-destructively predict the quality characteristics of meat pieces
Time-of-Flight Pixel with Homodyne Phase Demodulation in Standard CMOS Technology
Live Demonstration: Deep Learning-Based Visual Tracking of Multiple Objects on a Low-Power Embedded System
On-Chip Solar Cell and PMU on the Same Substrate with Cold Start-Up from nW and 80 dB of Input Power Range for Biomedical Applications
Micro-Energy Harvesting System including a PMU and a Solar Cell on the same Substrate with Cold Start-Up from 2.38 nW and Input Power Range up to 10μW using Continuous MPPT
Natural interaction in virtual TV sets through the synergistic operation of low cost sensors
A multi-device version of the HYFMGPU algorithm for hyperspectral scenes registration
Extended attribute profiles on GPU applied to hyperspectral image classification
Wavelet-based Multicomponent Denoising Profile for the Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Deep Learning-Based Multiple Object Visual Tracking on Embedded System for IoT and Mobile Edge Computing Applications
Scene wireframes sketching for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Psychophysical evaluation of individual low-level feature influences on visual attention.
Outlier Detection for Line Matching
Deep Learning para detección y tracking de objetos en vídeo
Classification of color texture feature patterns extracted from cells in histological images of fish ovary
Scene Wireframes Sketching for Drones
Fully automatic teeth segmentation in adult OPG images
Multiclass Change Detection for Multidimensional Images in the Presence of Noise
STDnet: A ConvNet for Small Target Detection
In‐pixel analog memories for a pixel‐based background subtraction algorithm on CMOS vision sensors
New distributed virtual TV set architecture for a synergistic operation of sensors and improved interaction between real and virtual worlds
High validity of dental plaque indices by imaging analysis
DenTiUS Plaque: a web-based tool for quantifying dental plaque levels
Stacked autoencoders for multiclass change detection in hyperspectral images
GPU computation of Attribute Profiles for RS Image Classification
Towards a Multi-device Version of the HYFMGPU Algorithm for Hyperspectral Scenes Registration
Live Demonstration: Light Energy Harvesting System with an On-Chip Solar Cell and Cold Start-Up
Shannon Entropy as Background Dynamics Estimator In Foreground Detector Algorithms
Impact of Analog Memories Non-Idealities on the Performance of Foreground Detection Algorithms
Pulsed Time-of-Flight Pixel with on-Chip 20 klux Background Light Suppression in Standard CMOS Technology
Alignment of Hyperspectral Images Using KAZE Features
GPU-based segmentation of retinal blood vessels
Special issue on advances on smart camera architectures for real-time image processing
Caffe CNN-based classification of hyperspectral images on GPU
Improving zebrafish embryo xenotransplantation conditions by increasing incubation temperature and establishing a proliferation index with ZFTool
GPU Framework for Change Detection in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images
Comparison of a massive and diverse collection of classifiers for oil spill detection in SAR images
Image Sharpness and Contrast Tuning in the Early Visual Pathway
Reconstrucción 3D densa de escenas utilizando una cámara monocular
Reconstrucción de imágenes tomográficas mediante Machine Learning
Scene wireframes sketching for UAVs
CUDA Multiclass Change Detection for Remote Sensing Hyperspectral Images using Extended Morphological Profiles
Transformada de Fourier aplicada al alineamiento de imágenes multidimensionales en GPU
Wavelet-based multicomponent denoising on GPU to improve the classification of hyperspectral images
Foreword to the special issue on pattern recognition and image analysis
Estimating rodent brain volume by a deformable contour model
GPU Framework for Change Detection in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images
GPU Classification for Hyperspectral Images based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Dynamic Model of Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters in the Slow-Switching Limit including Charge Reusing
Effect of Temporal and Spatial Noise on the Performance of Hardware Oriented Background Extraction Algorithms
What do datasets say about saliency models?
Dynamic Whitening Saliency
Classification of agricultural soil parameters in India
Fourier-Mellin registration of two hyperspectral images
Analytical transfer equations for the spectral modelling of III-V multi-junction concentrator solar cells
Low Power CMOS Vision Sensor for Gaussian Pyramid Extraction
In the Quest of Vision-Sensors-on-Chip: Pre-Processing Sensors for Data Reduction
Influence of normalization and color space to color texture classification
GPU classification of remote-sensing images using kernel ELM and extended morphological profiles
On the use of nominal and ordinal classifiers for the discrimination of states of development in fish oocytes
Machine learning for the management of agricultural soil data
HypeRvieW: an open source desktop application for hyperspectral remote-sensing data processing
Aprendizaxe baseada na prestación de servizos de administración informática na USC
Dynamic joint model of capacitive charge pumps and on-chip photovoltaic cells for CMOS micro-energy harvesting
Exploring the impact of wavelet-based denoising in the classification of remote sensing hyperspectral images
Preliminary evaluation of the Kinect V2 sensor for its use in virtual TV sets with natural interaction
Aprendizaje basado en la prestación de servicios de administración informática en la USC
Govocitos: a software tool for estimating fish fecundity based on digital analysis of histological images
Determination of the most relevant images for scene recognition in mobile robotics
GPU-accelerated Level-Set Segmentation
Interacción natural en museos, un caso real de estudio: Desarrollo de un módulo para la exposición “Juego de Neuronas”
Live Demonstration: Wireless Sensor Network For Snail Pest Detection
Dynamic Model of On-Chip Inverting Capacitive Charge Pumps with Charge Reusing
Time-of-Flight Chip in Standard CMOS Technology with In-Pixel Adaptive Number of Accumulations
Design for Maximum Power Transfer Efficiency of Thermoelectric Generators using Mixed Mode Simulations
Study of the Thermoelectric Properties of Non-Typical Semiconductor Materials with Conventional CAD Tools
Image Feature Extraction Acceleration
Fast and Accurate Circle Tracking Using Active Contour Models
Effects of retinal DoG filters on natural images in terms of contrast, entropy and spatial correlation
Demo: Mask and Maskless Face Classification System to Detect Breach Protocols in the Operating Room
Diseño de video juegos como herramienta pedagógica en la enseñanza de la asignatura Computación Gráfica.
A Multi-platform Graphical Software for Determining Reproductive Parameters in Fishes Using Histological Image Analysis
System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room Through Facial Attributes
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Retinal DOG filters: effects of the discretization process
Efficient ELM-Based Techniques for the Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images on Commodity GPUs
Wavelet Based Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Extended Morphological Profiles on Graphics Processing Units
Retinal DOG filters: high-pass or high-frequency enhancing filters?
Live Demonstration: Gaussian Pyramid Extraction with a CMOS Vision Sensor
Dark Current Optimization of 4-Transistor Topologies in Standard CMOS Technologies for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Mejora en las condiciones técnicas de xenotransplantes en pez cebra: temperatura e índice de proliferación
Capacitance-based Wireless Sensor Mote for Snail Pest Detection
Distance Measurement Error in Time-of-Flight Sensors Due to Shot Noise
Four-transistor pinned photodiodes in standard CMOS technologies for time-of-flight sensors
ELM-based Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Extended Morphological Profiles and Composite Feature Mappings
Wireless Sensor Mote for Snail Pest Detection
A 26.5 nJ/px 2.64 Mpx/s CMOS Vision Sensor for Gaussian Pyramid Extraction
Clasificación Supervisada de Imágenes de Sensado Remoto en GPU
Fan/cone beam CT: visualisation and applications for non-clinical X-ray imaging
Simplification and Hardware Implementation of the Feature Descriptor Vector Calculation in the SIFT Algorithm
Wavelet denoising to improve the quality of SEM images
The Dickson Charge Pump as Voltage Booster for Light Energy Harvesting on CMOS Vision Chips
Custom Design of Pinned Photodiodes in Standard CMOS Technologies for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Gaussian Pyramid Extraction with a CMOS Vision Sensor
Efficient Classification of Hyperspectral Images on Commodity GPUs using ELM-based Techniques
Global image features for scene recognition invariant to symmetrical reflections in robotics
Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures
Dark Current in Standard CMOS Pinned Photodiodes for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Wavelets and Extended Morphological Profiles
Split and Shift Methodology on Cellular Processor Arrays: Area Saving versus Time Penalty
Form Factor Improvement of Smart-Pixels for Vision Sensors through 3-D Vertically-Integrated Technologies
Direct Kernel Perceptron (DKP): ultra-fast kernel ELM-based classification with non-iterative closed-form weight calculation
Exploring ELM-based spatial–spectral classification of hyperspectral images
Computing Efficiently Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images on Commodity GPUs
Voltage Boosters for on-Chip Solar Cells on Focal-Plane Processors
Comparison of Photosensing Structures in CMOS Standard Technology for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Efficient 2D and 3D Watershed on Graphics Processing Unit: Block-Asynchronous Approaches Based on Cellular Automata
A New Radial Symmetry Measure Applied to Photogrammetry
A hierarchical vision processing architecture oriented to 3D integration of smart camera chips
A hybrid method based on level set and 3D region growing for segmentation of the thoracic aorta
Multiresolution rendering based on gpgpu computing
A 176 X 120 Pixel CMOS Vision Chip for Gaussian Filtering with Massivelly Parallel CDS and A/D-Conversion.
Exhaustive comparison of color texture features and classification methods to discriminate cells categories in histological images of fish ovary
Bivariate kernel smoothers. Applications in thoracic aorta pathology.
Dynamic Saliency from Adaptative Whitening
Fast Implementation of a New Radial Symmetry Measure for Photogrammetry
Detection and Matching of Lines for Close-Range Photogrammetry
Experimental characterization of peripheral photocurrent in CMOS photodiodes down to 65 nm technology
CMOS-3D Smart Imager Architectures for Feature Detection
Design of a smart camera system on a single chip in 3D integrated circuit technology
Adaptive thresholding algorithm based on SAR images and wind data to segment oil spills along the northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula
Influencia de las mesetas en la implementación de watershed sobre GPUs
Proyección del método de segmentación del conjunto de nivel en GPU
Efficient segmentation of hyperspectral images on commodity GPUs
Memory Hierarchy Optimization for Large Tridiagonal System Solvers on GPU
Efficient GPU Asynchronous Implementation of a Watershed Algorithm Based on Cellular Automata
SIMD/MIMD dynamically-reconfigurable architecture for high-performance embedded vision systems
Feature detection and matching on an SIMD/MIMD hybrid embedded processor
GPU-based infrared thermography for NDE of minefields
The Split-and-Merge Method in General Purpose Computation on GPUs
On the relationship between optical variability, visual saliency and eye fixations: a computational approach
In-Pixel Generation of Gaussian Pyramid Images by Block Reusing in 3D-CMOS
Scale- and rotation-invariant feature detectors on Cellular Processor Arrays
Evolutionary Intelligence in Asphalt Pavement Modelling
A CMOS-3D Reconfigurable Architecture with In-pixel Processing for Feature Detectors
Towards Real-Time Hyperspectral Image Processing: A GPGPU Implementation of Target Identification
Towards the optimal hardware architecture for Computer Vision
Saliency from hierarchical adaptation through decorrelation and variance normalization
Efficient segmentation of hyperspectral images on commodity GPUs
Implementación de modelos de fotodiodos en lenguajes de descripción hardware de señal mixta
Performance analysis of massively parallel embedded hardware architectures for retinal image processing
Towards Real-time Hyperspectral Image Processing, a GP-GPU Implementation of Target Identification
Common scab detection on potatoes using an infrared hyperspectral imaging
Switched-Capacitor Networks for Scale-Space Generation
Non-Destructive Detection of Hollow Heart in Potatoes Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Modeling and experimental results of short-channel annular MOS transistors
Selecting the Best Tridiagonal System Solver Projected on Multi-Core CPU and GPU Platforms
Rapid Infrared Multi-Spectral Systems Design using a Hyperspectral Benchmarking Framework
Statistical and Wavelet based texture features for fish oocytes classification
Scene Recognition through Visual Attention and Image Features: A comparison between SIFT and SURF Approaches
Heat Transfer for NDE: Landmine Detection
Analytical model for P-N junctions under point source illumination
Photoresponse model for photodiode-based CMOS APS in 180nm and 90nm technologies
In-Pixel ADC for a Vision Architecture on CMOS-3D Technology
An own-developed CT/DR system for visualization and defect recognition in NDT
A New Multiresolution Blob Detector Applied to Photogrammetry
A New Multiresolution Blob Detector Applied to Photogrammetry
FPGA computation of the 3D heat equation
Fast weight calculation for kernel-based perceptron in two-class classification problems
A Parallel Perceptron network for classification with direct calculation of the weights optimizing error and margin
Handling Incomplete Information in an Evolutionary Environment
Scene Recognition using Visual Attention, Invariant Local Features and Visual Landmarks
GPU detectors for interference cancellation in chaos-based CDMA communications
A 3D Chip Architecture for Optical Sensing and Concurrent Processing
Offset-Compensated Comparator with Full-Input Range in 150nm FDSOI CMOS-3D Technology
Handsheet for Full-Custom Circuit Design
A 2D model for radiation-hard CMOS annular transistors
On-chip retinal image processing: performance analysis on different approaches
Experimental analysis of CMOS short-channel gate enclosed transistors
Efficient software-hardware 3D heat equation solver with applications on the non-destructive evaluation of minefields
Effect of Mismatch on the Reliability of ON/OFF-Programmable CNNs
Proyección de Algoritmos de Resolución de Sistemas Tridiagonales en la Tarjeta Gráfica
FPGA-Accelerated Retinal Vessel-Tree Extraction
An Efficient FPGA Implementation of a DT-CNN for Small Image Gray-scale Pre-processing
A Digital Cellular-Based System for Retinal Vessel-Tree Extraction
A study of CMOS radiation tolerant transistors using Green functions
Non-destructive soil inspection using an efficient 3D software-hardware heat equation solver
Quality of the Information: The application in the winification process in wine production
Wine vinification prediction using data mining tools
Analytical model of short-channel gate enclosed transistors using Green functions
Quantum Wavelet Transforms of Any Order
A dc I-V model for short-channel polygonal enclosed-layout transistors
Enclosed layout transistors in saturation
Modeling and simulation of CMOS APS
An FPGA-based Topographic Computer for Binary Image Processing
CNN Technology for Spatiotemporal Signal Processing
Efficient software-hardware 3D heat equation solver with applications on the non-destructive evaluation of minefields
Single Instruction Multiple Data and Cellular Non-linear Networks as Fine-Grained Parallel Solutions for Early Vision on FPGAs
Sensitivity of photodiode-based CMOS APS in 0.18um technology: peripheral collection and optimum dimension
Discrete Time Cellular Non-linear Networks Implementation over FPGA
Bottom collection of photodiode-based CMOS APS
SIMD Array on FPGA for B/W Image Processing
Template-Oriented Hardware Design based on Shape Analysis of 2D CNN Operators in CNN Template Libraries and Applications
DT-CNN emulator: 3D heat equation solver with applications on the non-destructive soil inspection
FPGA-based hardware accelerator of the heat equation with applications on infrared thermography
Motion representation using composite energy features
Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Cellular Neural Networks and their Applications: Preface
Compression of high resolution 1D & 2D NMR data sets using JPEG2000
A novel model of bottom-up visual attention using local energy
Local Energy Saliency for Bottom-Up Visual Attention
Soft-Hard 3D FD-TD solver for non destructive evaluation
Verification of Split&Shift Techniques for CNN Hardware Reduction
Improved Analytical I-V Model for polygonal-shape enclosed layout transistors
Relating Cellular Non-linear Networks to Threshold Logic and Single Instruction Multiple Data Computing Models
CNN Implementation of Spin Filters for Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Applications
Area and Time Efficient Cellular Non-linear Networks
Diseño de sensores ópticos CMOS y dispositivos electrónicos para procesado de imágenes en tiempo real