TRANSFIRESAUDE: Boosting the integration of the euro-regional health R&I ecosystem for the adoption of advanced solutions in the framework of active and healthy ageing

The Euroregion faces a serious problem linked to the drastic ageing of its population, with one of the worst ageing figures in Europe. In 2021, 20.4% and 25.2% of people had over 65 years of age in N. Portugal and Galicia respectively, in a process that is gradually worsening and significantly affecting health services, with a particular impact on primary care.

It is essential to tackle this problem by means of mechanisms that ensure the sustainability of the health system while, at the same time, turning necessity into virtue, converting this problem into an opportunity for economic development as a leading and transforming Euroregion in terms of active and healthy ageing. In this way, TRANSFIRESAUDE is committed to strengthening the integration of the Euroregional health research and innovation ecosystem for the joint development of actions focused on the adoption of innovative solutions, especially in the framework of AI, to address the challenges linked to active and healthy ageing (AHA) and personalised medicine (PM), preferably in the primary care environment.

Such a comprehensive Euroregional challenge can only be successfully tackled in an aggregated manner, by forming a cross-border partnership with expertise in the field, representative of the problem and balanced in its roles, tackling the problem through a holistic approach, implementing activities that attack the problem from different but complementary approaches:

  • Strengthening the integration of the research ecosystem, identifying the main needs of the health sector and working cohesively to address them.
  • Encouraging the adoption of advanced AI technologies by health services, ensuring all ethical and fundamental rights considerations for their application
  • Optimising processes and services in hospitals and borderline primary care centres, as well as empowering patients in the framework of PM
  • Acceleration of the best biomedical research results to bring them closer to the market and promotion of public/private partnerships (PPP).

In short, this is a completely innovative project in terms of its approach and results, as it integrates and coordinates the AHA/PM research ecosystem, developing AI methodologies, processes and demonstrators for direct testing in real environments.