Viability analysis of the algorithm for the identification of vegetation an other artificial elements in the river basin

The objective is to perform the viability analysis of identifying vegetation and other artificial elements in watersheds from the information obtained by multispectral sensors installed on board of UAVs. It is intended to produce information that make feasible the control of the situation for the superficial hydric resources, including dammed water, and the presence of vegetation in watershed as well as construction elements.



The general objectives are:

Objective 1. Study of the viability of characterizing the river bank vegetation: Analysis of the viability of performing automatic river bank vegetation recognition  from aerial image at different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In particular, the study will focus on recognizing first the native river bank vegetation to perform a later analysis trying to distinguish among:

  • Meadow
  • River bank vegetation
  • Plantation
  • Eucalyptus

Objective 2. Study of the viability of identifying and classifying the artificial elements in the watershed in an automatic fashion: A study that allows to decide if it is possible to perform an automatic recognition of any artificial element in the watershed from aerial image in different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum will be carried out.