DICON: Development of new advanced dimensional control systems in manufacturing processes of high-impact sectors

With the final goal of increasing competitiveness of national manufacturing industry in strategic and high-impact sectors, the project DICON aims to develop a new generation of products, services and dimensional control processes, to be effectively integrated in different fabrication stages of large-dimensioned components, tackling next issues:

  • High-accuracy vision dimensional metrology.
  • New architectures in contact dimensional metrology. Verification and calibration in non-contact geometrical metrology.


  • To develop new and high-automated measurement systems, based on non-contact measurement technology (industrial vision and photogrammetry), in order to reduce the time spent in dimensional control and tuning processes of raw machines working with large-dimension pieces.
  • Development of new products, services and processes that provide innovative solutions in volumetric verification and calibration of machine-tools for the fabrication of large-dimensioned components.