DITMEP: Digital Tools for Manufacturing training and Education Programmes

In the context of current COVID-19 crisis Education and training systems are facing new challenges regarding online learning, for guaranteeing quality and inclusive digital capabilities. Modernisation and digital transformation of education is a main need at European level, and in particular for vocational education and training schemes in manufacturing sectors, based on face-to-face classes and workshops linked to industry.

In particular, DITMEP project will focus on risk prevention modules, within the manufacturing of composites training schemes. This sector is of high interest for different industrial sectors at EU level, thus aiming to reinforce skills training for the EU industry.

DITMEP project aims to improve manufacturing training, in particular Risk prevention courses, generating digital capabilities on the methodology (through e-learning, gamification and augmented reality experiences) for educators and trainees. This will support and help the transformation of manufacturing in this current COVID-19 situation.

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