GAMEST: GAMification tEchniqueS for entrepreneurial vet Teachers

The project general objective is to support the promotion of high‐quality and innovative teaching based on the application of gamification strategies. GAMEST completely fits in the EU policies frameworks. In fact, the project identifies in gamification an innovative vehicle to teach entrepreneurial contents, increasing learners’ engagement in the subject matter. Gamification consists in employing game mechanics to non-game environments; as such, it could be considered as a tool to enhance skills of both educators and learners and can be a practical vehicle to foster entrepreneurial mind-set and related skills.

GAMEST wants to have long-term impact on VET system. Empowering VET trainers through the supply of innovative didactic methodology framework based on gamification will give to VET learners the possibility to learn and to acquire new skills more easily. Therefore, GAMEST aims at affecting the entire VET system, reducing the gap between learners and teachers and giving to the target group the practical tool to teach necessary skills to access to entrepreneurial labour market


In order to achieve the aforementioned general objective, GAMEST will pursue two specific objectives, namely:

  • SO1: Define the state of the art of gamification applied in entrepreneurial education and detect to what extent the target group is already engaged with gamification practices.
  • SO2: Strengthen gamification skills and their application knowledge for VET educators.
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