TELSEC4TAI: Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: Technical, Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Socio-economic Challenges

The TELSEC4TAI thematic network brings together 12 worldwide recognized research groups in order to create a strong community that can lead research in Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (Trustworthy AI or simply TAI in English), fostering collaboration with other international reference groups, with the industry and among the network members themselves.

Furthermore, we aspire to raise social awareness about the importance of moving towards a new generation of smart devices that respect and promote the principles of non-discrimination and equity, with the ability to explain their decisions in a way that is understandable to people, and respectful with ethical, legal, socio-economic and cultural principles.


This research network has 4 main objectives:

  • Multidisciplinary collaboration: Maximize collaboration between network members with special interest in multidisciplinary research.
  • Opportunities for early-stage researchers: Maximize opportunities for talented young researchers in TAI.
  • Internationalization and recognition: Maximize the internationalization and recognition of Spanish research in TAI.
  • Academia-industry-public sector collaboration: Promote collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector in the development and use of TAI.

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