RENDER: A new model for remote render

RENDER project aims to perform a complete and exhaustive Feasibility Study about the possibilities of developing and implementing a sustainable and feasible model of Distance Rendering for Animation Industry, including Technologies, Systems Architecture, Research Capacities, Development and Production, as well as all kind of infrastructures required and necessary to make possible that any 3D Animation Study may quickly increase its Render capacity, according to its needs and at any time.


RENDER project focuses on the development of a complete Feasibility Study as a primary objective, in order to improve and make possible a Remote Rendering Service, including:

  1. An important technological innovation in the group products and services.
  2. A business model that guarantees its feasibility and sustaintability, not only at a competitive level but also respecting energy efficiency, providing as well the differential and intangible values that sector requires.
  3. Guarantee of interoperability between different actors involved in processes.
  4. A noticeable perspective focused on users ("User-Centric”).

The aim of this project is to study both technological viability and business model, which is based on the use of external resources located in High-capacity calculating Centers, allowing 3D Studios to save money in Hardware, Software, Support and Infrastructures required to set Render Farms, and having at the same time a high calculating power available for Render processes; the goal is to provide flexibility, adaptability, and competitiveness to companies of this sector, implementing and developing new models of sustaintability and energy efficiency.