GEOARPAD: Cultural heritage of the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal: valorisation and innovation

GEOARPAD aims to enhance the cultural heritage of the Euroregion Galicia - North of Portugal, as an element of cross-border development, through joint strategies and models for information collecting, processing and management, promoting its disemination and its exploitation from economic sectors such as tourism, and also promoting social participation throughout the overall process.


The main aim of the project is the valorisation of the cultural heritage of the region of Galicia - North of Portugal, as an element of social cohesion and structural crossborder development.

The project has also the following specific objectives:

  • to develop a system to manage information, processes and digital systems for public administrations, universities and other social agents involved in the management, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage, which can also be useful for other sectors such as tourism, research or education;
  • to promote the social participation in management processes and in the use of cultural heritage;
  • to develop and test innovative strategies and tools for the management of cultural heritage.
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