PISIXDE: Intelligent and social platform for the management, integration and dissemination of E-learning contents

Lifelong Learning (LLL) has been identified by the UNESCO and the CEE as one of the pillars of the Knowledge Society. When learning is focused to professionals, LLL should also be sufficiently flexible to guarantee an effective learning. Therefore, it should provide the mechanisms to facilitate the learning in anytime and anyplace, and learning contents with a limited scope and duration. Otherwise, the learning process will require an excessive effort and will collide with the normal development of professional activities.

In this context, rapid learning (r-learning) has become very popular. R-Learning is based on the consumption of “learning pills”, that is, contents of limited duration and adapted to the organizational needs. The combination of r-learning with social networks has originated a new learning approach in which students make a quick consumption of educational resources that are even produced by other students (i.e., by means of blogs and wikis). Moreover, students annotate the formal contents that are provided by the platform and interact with other students. In this learning approach, accessing and retrieving learning contents and user information are fundamental to improve the learning process.


The main objective of the Project is the development of a software platform that will support a social network in which users can access, generate and retrieve educational contents, as well as facilitate the interaction of the users of the social network, in order to enrich their learning process.

The specific objectives of the project are the following:

  • To develop a set of ontologies that will represent the semantic of the components of an e-learning social network.
  • To facilitate the interoperability of the social network with other networks.
  • To develop intelligent techniques for the extraction of the knowledge graph that represent the E-learning social network.
  • To develop a software framework for e-learning social networks.
  • To apply the social platform in real scenarios.