NANOVAR: Network on variability in Nanoelectronics

The extreme variability exhibited by the electric features of devices manufactured at nanometer scale has become a major challenge for the evolution of nanoelectronics. The source of this variability is the matter and charge discretization, which dramatically affects performance and reliability of electronic systems. Thus, variability has moved from being a problem affecting basically the manufacturing process to become a global concern that demands a new paradigm, a different design process that accounts for variability at all abstraction levels of both, design and implementation.
In this context we propose the creation of a research network called NANOVAR, that gathers eight Spanish research groups whose activity is strongly tied to variability in nanoelectronics. The complementary experiences provided by these groups, which cover all abstraction levels in the design and manufacturing process, will provide this collaborative research network with a greater impact of its activities.
The network goal is to strengthen the links already available among groups, promoting collaborative research and the constitution of a research platform that is required to ambitiously face the research challenges that appear in this field.