iGLN: Excellence Network on Intelligent Data Analysis and Natural Language Generation

The Thematic Network "Intelligent Treatment of Information and Natural Language Generation (iGLN)" integrates ten groups from two complementary fields, which until recently have been developed almost independently: intelligent data processing (mainly based on Soft Computing, SC) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

The Network is defined through a collaboration plan among these groups, all with an experience and a profile well contrasted both scientifically and in the development and transfer of solutions in many different fields.

The vision of the iGLN network is to define the joint research agenda in the SC and NLG areas, in terms of their use in new contexts of real application, based on the previous experience of the groups, where the convergence of the two areas can demonstrate its feasibility. As a starting point, which ensures transferable results to society and the productive sectors, iGLN will take the current areas of application already experienced, with undoubted success, by the participating groups.


The main objective of the iGLN network is to facilitate the initiation of collaborations among Spanish research groups of reference in SC and NLG, with the dual objective of:

  • Identifying common points of convergence and challenges for the two areas, impact and relevance at both the model and application levels.
  • Develop a roadmap that defines and addresses these challenges in the immediate future through joint R&D&I activities.