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Lead Researcher/s
CiTIUS Researcher/s
Execution Timing
  • 2013-06-01 - 2013-12-31
Funded under
  • Acelerador de transferencia da USC, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela - Área de Valorización, Transferencia e Emprendemento
OPENET4PEOPLE: Software to manage location-based mobile marketing campaigns

OPENET4PEOPLE: Software to manage location-based mobile marketing campaigns

The objective of the project is to adapt the technology OPENET to be used in the coordination of activities of mobile marketing campaigns. Participants in mobile campaigns are immersed in a game/experience in which they interact with their environment and with other participants in order to develop non-intrusive and interesting experiences that could connect participants with the trademark. This adaptation will imply the creation of new mechanisms for defining the flow of actions followed by the users, the improvement of the performance of the OPENET technology, and the definition of an ontology to represent the control flow of the experience and the participant roles.

As a result, we will get an OPENET version that we will call OPENET4People. The technology will support the coordination of mobile marketing campaigns and it will allow the dynamic adaptation of the control flow to the particularities of the participants. OPENET4People will also allow the creation of game/experiences with a high degree of customization by means of the addition and deletion of activities in real time.


  • To adapt OPENET to the management of marketing campaigns
  • To create a robust oriented service architecture to support the OPENET technology
  • To create a visual graphic interface for the creation of mobile marketing campaigns
  • To create a module for client segmentation oriented to non-expert users
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