ADAPTA: Side Protection, Intelligent and adaptative Technology

Side collisions increase dramatically the mortality rate in car accidents. The aim of this project is to design new safety systems, in order to protect occupants by extending existing frontal-impact safety systems to cases of side collisions.

The possible solutions require to explore new technologies, making reference to environment detection and classification, structural behavior of the vehicle and restraint systems, looking forward to reduce the number of victims and the gravity of injuries in case of side collisions.

To reach this goal, it is crucial to obtain detailed and updated information of the inside and outside of the vehicle. Our involvement in this project focused on external vision systems, as a subcontracted organization contacted by company Innovaciones Microelectrónicas S.L. (ANAFOCUS). A stereoscopic vision system detects in real-time the exact position of the objects that might collide with the car, transferring this information to an expert system (developed by other corsortium members) which enables the active fire protection mechanisms.