Álvaro Ordóñez Iglesias

Efficient Registration of Multi and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images on GPU
HSI-MSER: Hyperspectral Image Registration Algorithm based on MSER and SIFT
Comparing area-based and feature-based methods for co-registration of multispectral bands on GPU
GPU-Accelerated Registration of Hyperspectral Images Using KAZE Features
Exploring the MSER-based hyperspectral remote sensing image registration
Texture-based analysis of hydrographical basins with multispectral imagery
SURF-based registration for hyperspectral images
Exploring the Registration of Remote Sensing Images using HSI-KAZE in Graphical Units
A multi-device version of the HYFMGPU algorithm for hyperspectral scenes registration
GPU Accelerated FFT-Based Registration of Hyperspectral Scenes
Transformada de Fourier aplicada al alineamiento de imágenes multidimensionales en GPU
Fourier-Mellin registration of two hyperspectral images