Juan Carlos Pichel Campos

3DyRM: a dynamic roofline model including memory latency information
Perldoop: Efficient Execution of Perl Scripts on Hadoop Clusters
Multiobjective Optimization Technique Based on Monitoring Information to Increase the Performance of Thread Migration on Multicores
Thread migration techniques based on dynamic Roofline models and latency information
Análisis morfosintáctico y clasificación de entidades nombradas en un entorno Big Data
Hierarchically Tiled Array as a High-Level Abstraction for Codelets
A hardware counter-based toolkit for the analysis of memory accesses in SMPs
Using an extended Roofline Model to understand data and thread affinities on NUMA systems
Study of data locality and thread affinity on multicore systems using the Roofline Model
Using sampled information: is it enough for the sparse matrix-vector product locality optimization?