Roberto Iglesias Rodríguez

Non-IID data and Continual Learning processes in Federated Learning: A long road ahead
Concept drift detection and adaptation for federated and continual learning
Concept Drift Detection and Adaptation for Robotics and Mobile Devices in Federated and Continual Settings
Artificial intelligence within the interplay between natural and artificial computation: Advances in data science, trends and applications
Walking recognition in mobile devices
Learning from the Individuals and the Crowd in Robotics and Mobile Devices
Robust and fast scene recognition in robotics through the automatic identification of meaningful images
Indoor Positioning and Guiding for Drivers
Dataset Bias Exposed in Face Verification
Robust Heading Estimation in Mobile Phones
Unsupervised Method to Remove Noisy and Redundant Images in Scene Recognition
Scene Recognition Invariant to Symetrical Reflections and Illumintation Conditions in Robotics
Canonical Views for Scene Recognition in Mobile Robotics
Pyramid Representations of the set of actions in reinforcement learning
Scene Recognition for Robot localization in Difficult Environments
Mobile Robot Positioning with 433-MHz Wireless Motes with Varying Transmission Powers and a Particle Filter
Route learning and reproduction in a tour-guide robot
Combining different algorithms to get stable learning from environment interaction
Robust multi-sensor system for mobile robot localization
Route Learning and Reproduction in a Tour-Guide Robot
Self-organized Multi-Camera Network for Ubiquitous Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments.
Self-Organized Multi-Camera Network for a Fast and Easy Deployment of Ubiquitous Robots in Unknown Environments
Learning on real robots from experience and simple user feedback
Effect of a risk factor in convoy merging manoeuvres considering uncertainty in travelling times
Implementation of robot routing approaches for convoy merging manoeuvres
Continuous learning on a real robot through user feedback
Maniobra de enlace con convoy en entornos urbanos considerando incertidumbre en los tiempos de recorrido. Simulación con Player&Stage
Selecting the most relevant sensors in a wall following behavior
Gesture based interface with voice feedback for a guide robot
Analysis of different localization systems suitable for a fast and easy deployment of robots in diverse environments
An Efficient Algorithm for Optimal Routing Applied to Convoy Merging Manoeuvres in Urban Environments
Learning on real robots from their direct interaction with the environment
Feature Analysis for Human Recognition and Discrimination: Application to a Person Following Behaviour in a Mobile Robot
Learning in real robots from environment interaction
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Combination of a low cost GPS with visual localization based on a previous map for outdoor navigation
Detección de regiones transitables para un robot móvil fusionando datos de cámaras estéreo y de sensores láser 2D
Continual learning in robots from environment interaction
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Robot Routing Approaches for Convoy Merging Manoeuvres
Online Feature Weighting for Human Discrimination in a Person Following Robot
Self-organized Multi-agent System for Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments
Simultaneous learning of perception and action in mobile robots
Parallel robot learning through an ensemble of predictors able to forecast the time interval before a robot failure
Variable Vigilance Fuzzy ART applied to robot learning
Unsupervised Complexity Reduction of Sensor Data for Robot Learning and Adaptation
Comparison of several chemometric techniques for the classification of orujo distillate alcoholic samples from Galicia (NW Spain) according to their certified brand of origin.
Simultaneous Learning of Perceptions and Actions in Autonomous Robots
Fast array thinning using global optimization methods
Fast array thinning using global optimization methods
Learning proposal based on reinforcement for collaborative tasks: robot convoy formation
Control y Generación de Refuerzo a partir de la Observación del Comportamiento Humano
Fast robot learning through an ensemble of predictors able to forecast the time interval before failure
Propuesta de Estrategia para el enrutamiento adaptable aplicado a sistemas de navegación en entornos urbanos
Rapid Method for Finding Faulty Elements in Antenna Arrays Using Far Field Pattern Samples
Rapid Method for Finding Faulty Elements in Antenna Arrays Using Far Field Pattern Samples
Prólogo de «Robot Behaviour: Design, description, and analysis and Modelling»
Model identification and model analysis in robot training
Learning a wall following behaviour in mobile robotics using stereo and mono vision
Element Failure Detection in Linear Antenna Arrays using Case-Based Reasoning
Design and Implementation of a Communication Architecture based on Player/Stage for telerobotics operation of P3-DX units
Accurate robot simulation through system identification
A comparison among several techniques for finding defective elements in antenna arrays
Improving reinforcement learning through a better exploration strategy and an adjustable representation of the environment
Model identification and analysis in robot training
New approach to get autonomous and fast robot learning processes
Task identification and characterisation in mobile robotics through non-linear modelling
Autonomous and fast robot learning through motivation
Visual Task Identification and Characterization Using Polynomial Models