Congress 931
  • Alejandro Ramos-Soto, Manuel Lama, Borja Vázquez-Barreiros, Alberto Bugarín, Manuel Mucientes, Senén Barro
  • 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. Hualien, Taiwan. 2015

Towards Textual Reporting in Learning Analytics Dashboards

In this paper we present a service which automatically generates textual short-term reports for the students’ behavior in virtual learning environments. Through this approach, we show how textual reporting is a coherent way of providing information that can complement –and even enhance– visual statistics and help teachers to understand in a comprehensible manner the behavior of their students during the course. This solution extracts relevant information from the students’ activity and encodes it into intermediate descriptions using linguistic variables and temporal references, which are subsequently translated into texts in natural language. The examples of application on real data from an undergraduate course show that automatic textual reporting is a valuable complementary tool for explaining teachers and learners the information comprised in a Learning Analytic Dashboard.
Keywords: linguistic descriptions of data, learning analytics dashboard, natural language generation
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