David Ryan Glowacki

David Glowacki is a cross-disciplinary researcher, artist, author, and activist whose interests span computer science, nanoscience, aesthetics, cultural theory, & spirituality. He has worked extensively in scientific simulation, and more recently in VR applied to interactive scientific simulation and visualisation. He is the founder of the ‘Intangible Realities Laboratory’ (IRL), a research group working at the immersive frontiers of scientific, aesthetic, computational, and technological practice. He is the recipient of several research awards, including a Royal Society Research Fellowship, Philip Leverhulme award, ERC grant, SIG-CHI best paper award, and more. His immersive digital artworks have been experienced by more than 200,000 people on three continents. Originally from Milwaukee, he graduated from University of Pennsilvania in 2003, where he studied a range of subjects, including chemistry, mathematics, philosophy, comparative literature, and religions. In 2004 he obtained an MA in cultural theory as a Fulbright finalist at the Manchester University (UK). In 2008, he completed a PhD in molecular physics at Leeds University (UK). He has published across several domains, including classical & quantum molecular dynamics, computational biochemistry, human-computer interaction, high-performance computing, computer graphics, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning & data science, digital aesthetics, interactive computational art, religion & power, cultural theory, optics, and scientific instrument development.