inVerbis: Tell it in words

InVerbis is a project funded by the Ignicia Proof of Concept program (GAIN), which really operates as a proto company with the ability to position itself in the business process analytics market. Gartner quantifies this market in $500M for 2020 and with expectations of accelerated growth.

Companies and Public administrations have more and more data in their information systems and, in particular, on their processes, services and also on the way in which users and customers interact with them. But having more data does not necessarily mean having better information, something that all organizations are well aware of. In fact, a good part of its efficiency and effectiveness depends on how you manage your business processes or activity, and to properly manage them you must first know them accurately. This is what InVerbis allows, through automated processing and intelligent analysis of business processes.


The main objective of the InVerbis project is the development of a software platform for business processes analytics, based on the AI research carried out within the CiTIUS Intelligent Systems Group.

InVerbis incorporates discovery algorithms, analysis and automatic explanation of business processes well ahead of those available in current solutions. It also integrates natural language generation technology to make this information readable to the end user.