Research in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Oncohematology

In the framework of a collaboration agreement with Microsoft, CiTIUS will develop new Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques applied to medicine. In particular, this collaboration will focus on oncohematology, a discipline centred on the treatment of tumours (including leukaemias, lymphomas and multiple myeloma). This is a line of research currently active at CiTIUS thanks to a recent agreement between CiTIUS and the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS).

Microsoft's support will allow issues: on the one hand, Machine Learning techniques will be applied to better predict survival and optimise the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma; on the other hand, a specific two-day meeting will be organised to analyse the use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine in a more general way.

The first of these sessions will begin with an approach to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and some of its applications in medicine, presenting specific cases of systems based on knowledge and machine learning (including the use of Artificial Intelligence in the fight against COVID-19). The second day will address practical issues related to privacy and ethics in the application of AI in healthcare, as well as the use of linguistic technologies: from text analysis and generation, to interaction and explainability. In addition, some applications of Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging and signal processing in general will also be presented. Finally, the level of maturity reached by some tools and utilities that have moved from the laboratory to the market will be shown, including the case of personalised medicine in oncohematology.


  • To Improve current therapies in the treatment of different cancers.
  • To develop new Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to medicine.
  • To analyse the use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine.
  • To debate & reflect on the European Commission's proposal for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence.