Manuel Fernández Delgado

I got my PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in 1999. I work in machine learning and pattern recognition with the usual machine learning tools (support vector machines, adaptive resonance theory, multi-layer perceptron, radial basis functions, self-organizing maps and learning vector quantization, probabilistic neural networks, extreme learning machine, generalized regression neural networks); statistical classifiers and regressors (linear and quadratic discriminant analysis, flexible and mixture discriminant analysis, K-nearest neighbours, gaussian mixtures, generalized linear models, decision trees); and classifier ensembles (adaboost, random forest, bagging, boosting) among others.


I use these techniques for pattern classification and regression in applications of image processing, detection of faults in communication antennas, time prediction in industrial mould production, food (wine, potatoes, pollen) classification based in chemical analysis, among others.