Congress 956
  • J. M. Pintor, P. Carrión, E. González-Rufino, A. Formella, M. Fernández-Delgado, E. Cernadas, R. Domínguez-Petit, S. Rábade-Uberos.
  • 7th Iberian conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis. Santiago de Compostela, España. 2015
Research Areas

A Multi-platform Graphical Software for Determining Reproductive Parameters in Fishes Using Histological Image Analysis

Govocitos is a multi-platform application designed to integrate all processes to estimate the fecundity of fish, a fundamental issue for the management of sustainable fisheries. Govocitos incorporates supervised and unsupervised algorithms to extract oocytes and their features in digitized histological images. Oocytes are classified automatically into the classes used traditionally in studies of reproductive ecology. A database gives support to allow for reproducible data management and to share results among different laboratories. The output of Govocitos has been evaluated through extensive validation procedures and found to be precise and accurate. Govocitos is open source software running on Linux and Windows platforms.
Keywords: Histological image, fish fecundity, edge detection, object recognition, texture analysis, classification
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