Juan Antonio Corrales Ramón

Kinematic screws and dual quaternion based motion controllers
Robotic Motion Coordination Based on a Geometric Deformation Measure
Large-area and low-cost force/tactile capacitive sensor for soft robotic applications
Adaptive Deformation Control for Elastic Linear Objects
Tactile-Based Task Definition Through Edge Contact Formation Setpoints for Object Exploration and Manipulation
Dynamic Evaluation of Deformable Object Grasping
Review of soft fluidic actuators: classification and materials modeling analysis
General framework for the optimization of the human-robot collaboration decision-making process through the ability to change performance metrics
A Soft Robotic Gripper With an Active Palm and Reconfigurable Fingers for Fully Dexterous In-Hand Manipulation
Exoscarne: Assistive Strategies for an Industrial Meat Cutting System Based on Physical Human-Robot Interaction